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Cooking recipes from different countries

This site contains cooking recipes from different culinary traditions. Choose dish recipes by region and country, as well as by dish type, or main product.
The site menu in left offers easy navigation to the different sections of the site. You will find also information about the main food products used in the cooking, cooking techniques, cutlery and utensils for food preparation and serving. Of course you will find information also about drinks and cocktails, as they are an important part of the fine cuisine and nutrition.
The healthy nutrition is another important issue, so you will find information about the food quality (caloricity, fat etc.) and also calculated caloricity for each recipe.
Feel free to post comments to each article which draws your attention. To do so, you will need to register, to avoid the flood by net robots.
Any comments, suggestions and recipes proposals are kindly welcome either as comments, or using this e-mail.

Current number of recipes : 257


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Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark England (17)
Finland France (40) Germany (15) Greece (20)
Hungary Ireland Iceland Italy
Latvia Lithuania Malta Moldova
Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal
Rumania Russia Scotland Serbia
Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden
Switzerland Wales  


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