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Bulgarian cuisine - cooking recipes

Typical southeast European and Balkan cuisine. Based on the Slavic cuisine with strong Mediterranean influence. The good climate conditions determine the use of large variety of high quality vegetables, fruits, spices and herbs. The Bulgarian cuisine is very famous with salads, soups, stews, appetizers and also with good quality brandy and wines.
Typical feature is that in many Bulgarian food recipes the products are cooked all together in a pot, or baking tin. This is especially valid for the pastry.
The Bulgarian cuisine is more spicy comparing to other European cuisines, thanks to the large use of onion, garlic and many spices and seasonings like red and black pepper, pimento, bay leaves, cummin and savory.

Current number of recipes in Bulgarian cuisine: 28


Starters and Appetizers


Main Dishes

Side dishes, garnishes
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Desserts, Sweet Cources
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Pastes, breads
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