A Brief Information on Timber Cladding

Timber cladding on the outside can be used to create identical external walls. This cladding helps to improve the design and style of the existing wall panels that can be used in the selection of residential buildings.

Traditionally, timber cladding is applied to protect the home or commercial building from outside elements.In Thailand, MaxisWood gives you the best timber cladding installation services. 

Choosing timber cladding method has an easy task, combining multiple materials to challenge humidity cavity is optional.

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All the pieces of timber can help to secure the structure together, or timber cladding will be used as a protective wall, but in any case, it is understood as a layer of wood panel on the outside.

There is absolutely no final coat of exterior paint in the old days; constructors expect wood from rot will stop only by contact with the environment and quality of wood.

In recent decades the process of painting fell out of fashion that favor using timber cladding layers, although untreated timber cladding is used today with a special type of timber in some cases.

External timber cladding is sometimes cut with various wood cladding to supporting walls. In addition, the combination of adequate horizontal external timber cladding insulation membrane is very useful.