Advantages Of Metal Wall Panels in Chatham

It’s no wonder metal walls are popular in both commercial and residential construction. They offer a multitude of design capabilities and a sustainable barrier to the weather. While most often utilized in commercial office, educational and manufacturing buildings, metal wall panels also have unique uses in residential homes and condos.

metal wall panels
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Following are the benefits of installing metal wall panels in Chatham:

  • Aesthetics: Metal panels create a beautiful appearance for exterior and interior applications. Shiny and matte finishes can be shaped into a wide array of patterns, to look ultra-modern or vintage.
  • Fireproofing: While the fire is always a risk in any building, metal walls can act as a barrier to fire to help keep an active fire from spreading and the affected area cool during intense heat.
  • Rain Screen: Metal panels act as a rain screen and barrier, keeping water from entering a building and spreading from room to room. In rainy climates, metal barriers can prevent mould and decay of other building materials. 
  • Energy Savings: Metal’s density saves energy, lowering expenses for building owners. Metal walls are eco-friendly and meet building regulations for sustainable materials. Carbon footprints and stresses on the earth’s resources are reduced.
  • Durability: Metal walls hold up extremely well to daily wear and tear, with hardness varying slightly depending on the type of metal. These panels do not dent or ding easily. They maintain their beauty for years.
  • Low Installation and Maintenance Costs: In most cases, metal wall panels can be installed more quickly than brick, granite, precast and other materials. They’re typically lighter, requiring less support structure. 
  • Design Flexibility: Metal walls make it easy for architects and interior designers to meet their unique design specifications. An extensive selection of colours, textures and designs can be adapted for most commercial and residential projects.