All You Need To Know About Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting directly defines the taste and flavor of your cup of Joe, and much of your roasting preferences depend on the flavor profile you are looking for in your Java. Coffee was discovered centuries ago, and it wasn't long before the dried coffee beans began being roasted to release even richer flavors that can be ground into a brew. You can also know more about coffee roasting online via

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To start with, there are different roast types to take into consideration. Coffee ranges from light to dark roasted, depending upon how long it is roasted for. A light roast is normally after the first crack of the coffee beans in the roasting process, and a standard light roast is called the American roast. 

From there, a light-medium roast is called a City roast, and a medium roast is called a Full City roast. As the coffee beans are roasted for a longer period of time, they become darker and develop smokier flavors. This is normally after the second crack of the coffee beans. 

Once you brew your delicious coffee roast, there are a few ways to determine the coffee characteristics. These are often used by professional coffee connoisseurs as a way to measure the body and flavor of a cup of Joe. To start out with, you can begin by considering the acidity of your Java. 

This is the tart taste that it may leave on your tongue, also measured by the dryness that it brings to your palette. This should not be confused in any way with bitterness or sourness from an improper brewing method, but the acidity is similar to the dry characteristics found in wine.