Benefits of using nest hand soap for a perfect wash

Hand hygiene has become increasingly important for staying healthy and preventing the transmission of illnesses like COVID 19. While there are many types of soaps available, such as nest hand soap, bar soap, liquid hand wash, and foaming hand wash, choosing the most effective alternative for frequent hand washing is critical. Here’s how to differentiate between a bar of soap and a foaming hand wash and best for sensitive skin.

Easier to lather

It is easier to lather and rinse a foamy hand wash because it is already in the form of foam. This allows small children to use the hand wash on their own, removing the need for parents to oversee them. Children may not clean their hands thoroughly with a bar of soap since it takes time to make lather, apply it to various regions of the hands, such as the palms, between the fingers, on the wrists, under the nails, and on the back of the hands, and then rinse it.

Good for the environment

Foaming hand wash is an organic hand wash that only requires a small amount to wash your hands. Hand washing using a bar of soap necessitates more water to make foam, which must then be applied to wet hands before being washed.

Cleans and moisturizes

Foaming hand washes often contain moisturizers that keep hands from drying out, making them ideal for people with sensitive skin who wash their hands frequently. Bar soaps are typically devoid of hydrating chemicals, leaving the skin feeling parched.

Gentle on the skin

Liquid hand wash, such as foamy hand wash, does not dry out the skin and is reinforced with hydrating substances like Jojoba and Apricot oils; it is best suited for sensitive skin and toddlers. Due to binding ingredients in the product, the pH level of bar soap is higher, which can leave the skin dry and stretchable, making it less suited for persons with sensitive skin.

Natural ingredients

The saponification process makes bar soap, which has a higher pH level and is harsh on the skin. Natural components are commonly used in foaming hand washes, making them soothing on the skin and ideal for repeated use.

Ease of use

Foaming hand wash is packaged in a unique dispenser that makes it easy to use and store. On the other hand, a bar of soap must be kept near the sink and can get sticky and mushy if regularly exposed to water and moisture. While this has no bearing on the soap’s effectiveness, it does make it less tempting to use.

Final words

While foaming hand washes are preferable for babies and children and individuals with sensitive skin, both foaming hand washes, and nest hand soap is good at washing hands. Whatever you use, make sure to wash your hands for 20 seconds, cleaning between the fingers, under the nails, on the wrists, and the backs of your hands, and then washing them with clean water.

To dry your hands after washing them, gently pat them dry with a clean towel or paper towels. To keep your skin soft and hydrated and avoid dryness, use a moisturizing hand cream or natural body lotion. Teaching your children the value of good hand hygiene will keep them healthy and help prevent the spread of diseases such as COVID 19.