Careers In Agriculture Industry

Agricultural education is the teaching of agriculture, natural resources, and land management. At a higher level, agricultural education is mainly improved to prepare students for employment in agriculture.

The duties of a farm manager vary widely, but he is usually directly appointed by the owner of the farm and works closely with the operator of the farm. To get more information about agriculture education visit


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On a large farm, the manager may be responsible for an area of operation, such as feeding animals. On a small farm, the manager's tasks range from planning the farm produce to assisting with planting and harvesting activities.

Animal scientists conduct research to develop methods for food, habitat, and breeding agricultural livestock. For example, they may grow beef cattle that obtain more lean meat, cows that produce more milk, or sheep that grow finer wool. They work in laboratories, research stations, or on farms. 

Educators are teachers of agriculture who work in agricultural education, agricultural colleges, and high school departments of the Agricultural Extension Service. Agriculture is such a diverse industry in which the opportunities for teaching are very good. 

Many universities, colleges, technical schools, and high schools require teachers in agricultural subjects. College agriculture involves training people to teach or do research to advance the fields of agriculture and food science. General education tells the public about food and agriculture.