Chip Tuning Improves The Performance Of The Car

All cars come with specific longevity and your maintenance ensures whether it will offer you a top performance or not. You might be informed of the fact that vehicle enthusiasts prefer to talk about car modifications. So, what exactly are car modifications?

Well, chip tuning refers to a method of boosting the performance of the engine. Here, performance means higher torque, more power, lowered emissions, and higher fuel economy. You can get services of ecu tuning via

Chipping mostly refers to replacing or modifying the EPROM chip from the car's engine control unit. It usually stores the maps and software programs that control the way the engine is managed.

If you want to improve the engine performance, then the best way to do so is by reprogramming or replacing the chip.


The technicians will do the software tuning. This becomes important if your car's fuel consumption is high. The modern cars have engines have Engine Control Unit fitted which can be remapped and re-modified depending on the presets calculated on the data map. Hence tuning is very important to boost the performance of the car engine.

Data re-entry

The chip is usually crafted out of silicon ultraviolet light needed for removing the memory which is ideally sourced from a mercury vapor light-emitting device. While you remove the original data from it, it is replaced by new data. The new program or data is basically customized in order to get rid of any limits which control the timing of valves and fuel injection.