Choosing the Best Paper Stock For Quality Color Printing

Choosing the best paper to print your promotional, advertising, sales, and marketing literature can be misleading. What is the best paper for my business cards, marketing postcards, flyers, and brochures?

What is the difference between coated and uncoated papers? If you buy printing services then you should know the answers to these questions

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Choosing the Best Paper Stock For Quality Color Printing

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There are lots of online printing services. Many offer different weight papers with different finishes as their standard "home" paper. It is not necessary for most print buyers to know how a paperweight is applied. It is important for you to know which paper to weigh and finish, choosing the best possible quality for printing.

The paper you select determines the correctness of color, brightness, the sharpness in addition to the tactile (texture) of the final printed project. Deciding on a lightweight paper will likely cost a bit less, but it is going to also feel cheap.

If you're printing cards and need the brightest, shiny printing you should select glossy card stock with UV coating. 1 word of caution, if you're planning to email or compose one facet of a postcard, it's ideal to decide on UV coating on either side without a coat, matte, or place UV coating onto the side usage for writing or emailing.

If you're printing brochures, flyers, booklets, or some other promotional literature requiring a milder quality newspaper afterward 100 LB gloss publication weight is the very best option for a high quality printed appearance.

Most publication weight newspapers are also offered in fitting cover weights. If you'd prefer a heavier paper than 100 LB gloss novel weight but 14 or even 16 Pt is too thick or you want a stiffer cover onto a multi-page booklet or catalog then your very best alternative is fitting 100 LB pay weight.