Experience the Benefits of a Salt Water Pool

For some people, the mere mention of the word chlorine can leave frizzy hair, dry skin, and red eyes. Irritation from poorly maintained pools can make many swimmers uncomfortable and wary of using pool chemicals. The good news? Anyone looking for a chlorine-free option has a solution: saltwater pool systems.

Health benefits of a saltwater pool

Salt is much less harmful to hair, skin, and eyes than chlorine. This is because the chemical form of chlorine actually relies on added chemicals for stabilization, and these additives are what cause its irritation. So that means:

  • No itchy red eyes
  • No dry and irritated skin
  • No dry and frizzy hair
  • Fewer effects on breathing for allergy sufferers/asthmatics

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Economic benefits of salt water pool systems

Most industry experts agree that the typical cost of pool chemicals in a traditional pool ranges from $ 25 to $ 40 per month. With saltwater pool maintenance, you basically pour a bag of salt into the machine every six weeks. The cost? Less than $ 10 a month! With a saltwater pool, you will discover:

Cost savings of hundreds of dollars annually

  • Bathing suits will last much longer because high levels of chlorine do not make them fade or disintegrate quickly.
  • Lower electricity bills because you are not running your filtration system constantly

Maintenance benefits

This type of pool is extremely easy to maintain. Maintenance is easier because the salt cell simply produces chlorine as needed. However, keep in mind that you still need to check chlorine levels periodically to make sure everything is working properly.

Most saltwater filtration systems monitor themselves and advise you if a modification is required to your pool water. That means you spend less time and effort looking after your pool and more time enjoying it.