Flash Animation And Basic Features

Animation companies come up with so many kinds of technology every now and then. Flash animation is one such technology. This is the kind of animation created with the help of the Adobe Flash platform. Since the mid-2000s, it became very popular and since then it is being used on a very large scale. Each video creation companies ensure that their animators are equipped with this animation technology.

You can check out animation studios in the Philippines via various online resources. The basic features of flash animation include media effects, drawing tools and simple and complex interactions. Let us the basic features in details:

Drawing Tools

Simple graphics and illustrations can be created in Adobe Flash with its drawing tools. Flash then saves these graphics as vector images. Vector-based images are smaller as compared to the bitmaps. Hence they are much advantageous and the animation files can be stored in lesser space.

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For making quick drawings, flash animation is very useful and better option than using other sophisticated drawing applications.

Media Effects

Media effects are categorized into animation, video, sound or audio and slideshows.


In animation, you take the image created with Flash drawing tools and then you do the following things:

  • Change the image size.
  • Move the image to other places
  • Change in color or brightness of the image
  • Rotation of the image
  • Any combination of the above
  • Different objects may have their own animation properties as well. The development of complex animation can need other software.