How Are Concrete Slabs Used?

Concrete slabs are made from a mixture of Portland cement and water. The ratios must be followed depending on the slab's hardness. Concrete slabs can be used for many purposes but are primarily used to support buildings. Gravel may be used to give the slab a more firm grime, which allows the foundation to support the floors above.

Mixing cement with sand in a ratio of 2 to 1 and 3 is what builders do if they use gravel. To give large structures, such as skyscrapers, a stronger grip on the foundation, builders often use steel beams. The steel should occupy less than 1% of the concrete. If you’re looking for concrete slabs then go to

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The concrete slab that is not supported by the steel beams is called flat slab and is preferred for small structures. However, the concrete slab that needs to be supported by the steel plates is safer due to the fact that collapsing buildings are not a problem for builders. 

Some builders use flat slab for fairly large buildings, and while risky, this method ends up providing very good lighting for the building once it's finished.

When deciding whether to use a slab of concrete, there are other factors. The concrete slab is used in modern buildings to heat the building. Heating pipes are installed underneath modern buildings to heat the building. For heat absorption, an insulating material like expanded polystyrene can be used to cool buildings. Concrete slabs can be used to create ceilings or repair cracks.