How to Prevent Frozen Pipe from Bursting?


The water lines tend to freeze especially during the harsh winters. And if left untreated, it leads to costly damage. One needs to know that bursting of pipes isn’t because of ice expansion. In fact, the pressure that builds between the faucet and frozen point leads to the bursting of pipes. These are a few helpful tips that will prevent the water pipes to burst.

  1. Get it Insulated – With the help of either a newspaper or foam insulating sleeves, insulate the areas of the garage, attic and crawlspace. This is best to do before the winter arrives.
  2. Keep the Door Closed – Closing the garage door helps if the garage is situated close to the water lines of the exterior wall. Doing this will offer protection from the cold air and wind.
  3. Close the Cabinet Door – If you’re cabinet is located underneath the sink, the let the door open. His helps in letting the additional water drip from the faucets. Moreover, keeping the cabinet door open will help in circulating the warm air which in-turn helps in preventing freezing.
  4. Keep the Thermostat above 55 Degree Celsius – make sure you keep the thermostat temperature above 55 degree Celsius in case you’re going to be traveling during the winter season. Additionally, the main water supply should be kept shut.
  5. Call a Professional – Ask a professional plumber to install a water pipe heater in order to avoid freezing. You can also ask the professional to do bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour area.