How to Start Your Own Internet Business With Amazon

There are many answers to the first question above. I am going to cover just one of them here.

It is generally accepted that the quickest way to get into your own Internet business is to become an affiliate marketer.

When a person becomes an affiliate marketer for a product, they are actually becoming a commissioned salesperson. The term commissioned salesperson is an immediate turnoff for probably over 90% of the population. And, perhaps that is why most people never look into it very seriously.

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The fact is though, being an affiliate marketer online is not quite the same as being a commissioned salesperson who has to actually make sales calls. You don’t have to make sales calls, you let the Internet do that for you automatically. There are thousands of people making good money online using this technique.

So why aren’t more people jumping on this bandwagon? Below I have listed just a few reasons:

  • It takes some time, initiative and yes, money to get started.
  • Everyone they talk to about it tells them it can’t be done or is just a lot of sales hype.
  • People who do try it often get lost in the process because of not knowing the correct steps to take.
  • This leads to frustration and loss of money spent, so they give up claiming it is all just a scam.