Importance of PVC Floor

Nowadays, with the development of the home furnishing industry, the profits of the sale price can not attract the attention of the clients again. More and more people have paid great attention to the new materials of decoration, thereby reducing the pollutants in the home. 

New materials of decoration mainly include static-free PVC floor (Also known as “ พื้นพีวีซีแบบคงที่ฟรี “ in the Thai Language), metal decoration sheet and diatomite paint. These materials can improve the comfort decor and reduce the danger of indoor pollution.

PVC flooring is a new type of environmentally friendly flooring. This is a very good result from PVC wear layer with high purity and unique PUR (polyurethane) paint coat. It has a strong resistance to wear and impact. 

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At the same time, PVC flooring has high thermal conductivity and excellent dimensional stability. In addition, PVC flooring can effectively prevent moisture and noise. 

When people choose PVC floor, the most important standard is the content of released formaldehyde. PVC flooring with excellent quality will never release formaldehyde.

The metal decor sheet can effectively prevent wear, pollution, corrosion and fire. Because of the unique features, the metal decorations sheet can be used as interior doors, cabinets and background doors and so on. 

In short, Eco-friendly decorative materials such as PVC flooring, decorating metal sheets and diatomite paint has become more and more popular among people. People have transferred their attention from traditional materials to healthy ones.