Know About the Message of Gita

Many scholars consider the Gita as the core of Hinduism. The divine message is truly worthy of this distinction, because the teachings it contains lead us to the right way to live life. They show us how we can also reach the Almighty by firmly fulfilling our obligations.

Gita is part of the epic Mahabharata, which is truly the perfect place for this priceless gem. If you want to study bhagavad gita and looking for ways to learn bhagavad gita, then you may browse the web to know tips and tricks.

It is believed that God himself mediated this discourse about the importance of his duties to his friend and the faithful and carefree archer warrior, Arjuna.

Against the background of the unfair way in which the Kingdom of Arjuna was stolen from his cousin, this divine message gave him the courage to stand up and fight his own blood relatives, because it was his duty as a soldier to take up arms against injustice.

The Gita message is eternal and applies to all aspects of life and illustrates the doctrine of karma to reach the Almighty. Humans must fulfill their duties with heart and soul. At the same time, it must be distinguished from the results or fruit of its efforts.

Gita is a practical guide on how to live a happy and peaceful life. If you follow the teachings of this divine message, you will appear unchanged and uninterrupted from disasters and festivals.