Safer Form Of Bariatric Surgery

In the pursuit of safer types of operation to help individuals control their weight, bariatric surgeons have come up with two revolutionary kinds of operation in the last couple of decades.

With half the American people obese, and only in four or fewer individuals believed to be clinically obese, there's absolutely no surprise that there's such rapid advancement within the field of bariatric surgery.

Since surgeries such as the gastric bypass procedure are one of the most common surgical procedures in the world today, it's not surprising that a great deal of innovation is occurring and better methods for accomplishing the aims of the processes are being discovered.

Gastric Band

The first new type of surgical procedure that is gaining popularity in the last few years is an update to the simple gastrectomy called the Mico sleeve gastrectomy.

In gastrectomy, the doctor cuts the patient's stomach open and removes up to sixty percent of the stomach tissue from the body. He or she then fashions the rest of the tissue into a much smaller stomach by molding and shaping it with stitches.

In micro sleeve gastrectomy, however, up to seventy-five percent or so of the stomach tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is stitched into an almost tubular somewhat banana-shaped organ in order to achieve a drastic reduction in the size of the organ.