Everything You Need To Know About Brazilian Waxes

It's been almost three decades since the Brazilian wax was introduced into the United States by seven sisters born Brazilian, but still remains the method of hair removal the most popular in Hong Kong and other countries.

So today, let's go over everything you need to know about popular methods of hair removal. you can also visit https://strip.com.hk/waxing/ to clear your doubts about a Brazilian wax.

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1. What is a Brazilian wax?

 Brazilian wax is different from a regular bikini wax because the hair is removed at the back, front, and everything in between. A "foundation" is usually left in front, but some clients opt for everything removed. With a net basis, you can choose to have done Vajazzling – crystal tattoos while stationed in the bikini area, which has become a popular beauty trend.

2. How long does the appointment take?

On average, it takes 15-30 minutes. If you have a Brazilian wax in the past, you may want a speedy service; if you are new and want to take your time or more susceptible to pain, feel free to talk to your beautician about your concerns and ask to apply the strip to areas smaller first.

3. How to do Brazilian wax?

The waxer will drop a wood stick into a container of hot wax and then spread to the hair and skin. He then applies a strip of cloth over the wax that is still mild hot, pressing so that the hair, fabric, and wax adhere to each other. 

When the wax has cooled, it will pull the strip off, in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hair out by the roots. It is important that you choose a boutique that does not double-dip into the pot of hot wax.