How to Remove a Broken Key From a Lock

It's common that individuals use many distinct locks, and these locks may be for their home's front entrance, the door to an office at work, a car door, a car's ignition, and more. Keys of various locks can be made from different substances, and a few may be quite durable while some may be somewhat weak. 

It is most common that a durable key can also be break inside the lock, and the key becomes stuck or jammed. Although it is more common for more permanent keys to break off inside a lock, even the strongest keys can break too. 

When keys break inside locks, then there are a few steps that you can take before you call a locksmith. You can also find locksmiths online via

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A Magnet

Keys are usually made of metal, and because of this, they've magnetic properties. In some cases, it can be possible to pull the broken part of this key out of the lock by using a magnet. The magnet normally will have to be rather strong to pull a key out. 

Extractor Set

If you have the capacity to drive to the local hardware store, you could be able to put money into an extractor set that's designed especially to remove broken keys from locks. This is a set of long, slender tools which have a hook at the end of those. 

They can slide into many locks along with the edge of the key, along the hook may be used to latch onto the key and pull it out. These collections are somewhat affordable in comparison to the number of locksmith services. 

If you have tried to extract the essential on your own with no success or you don't have a magnet or extractor set, you should consider calling a locksmith to get aid. A locksmith will have the experience and tools required to remove the broken key in the lock.