Know About Car Paint Stripping

Car paint stripping process can be very dirty, especially if your car is very old painted. It can also take some time because most of the time lasted about three days or even more in cases when you are going to strip the car all the time.

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There are several different procedures when doing this type of work, but in any case you have to focus on one panel at a time. Sanding, media blasting, scraping, and chemical stripping are all means that can be used for paint stripping, but to do the job at home, the best way possible is sanding or scraping.

Sanding and scraping

Prepare yourself for a job with an air compressor and a dual-action sander loaded with 80-grade paper. If your goal is to strip the whole car then buy a roll discs themselves to follow and change them frequently.

To prevent a lot of heat in the selected area when wielding DA, can not stand in one place and pressed with much force, instead of doing that, fan out over a broad surface as you do buffer.

Scraping paint off the panel using a razor might in some cases, but it is not as often as you need to be very relaxed and precisive, but this procedure does not produce dust and will not heat up the metal.