Get The Courtesy Car

A courtesy car can be a valid benefit in your car insurance. An accident where your car is in the garage for a long time is quite stressful. But once it comes and gets to work, it often comes down to some vehicle owners.

Fortunately, many accident courtesy car companies offer a friendly car option by providing a replacement vehicle while you are being repaired after an accident. This will be more important to some than others. While some riders may use the lifts of friends, colleagues, and relatives, use public transport, or find other ways to get to their destination, others will soon struggle without their own bikes.

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But even a friendly car option is not as simple as it sounds, but how effective or useful it often depends on your car insurance policy. Typically, this option is often included in what is known as a “fully comprehensive policy”, the most detailed level of vehicle insurance, and a step up from coverage such as “third party only” and “third party”, “fire and theft”.

The prices of such options also vary, and it’s worth looking at the fine print to see what you’re entitled to when using a replacement car option. For example, some politicians say they will provide friendly cars if they have one, meaning the supply is limited. During busy times, you can be left without a friendly car while your car is in the shop, or worse, while it is being repaired. Depending on the vehicle and the extent of the damage, this could take weeks or even months. Another rule might set a deadline for friendly cars to be available – maybe 14 days.