How To Check Quality of Carrom Board

The carrom board is undoubtedly the most important part of your gaming experience. The board surface should be dead flat – Budget boards with thin plywood are less likely to offer a perfectly flat playing surface, and are more susceptible to warping over time. The playing surface should be smooth to feel, without bumps or any irregularities. To buy quality carrom boards online, navigate to this website.

Corner pockets should be well made and rounded. Thicker frames provide better reflection and stability, and carrom boards with polished wood frames are usually better quality than those with black painted ones – The latter are usually manufactured with cheaper quality wood with any irregularities filled and painted over.

When placed horizontally, the board should not wobble and there should be no sharp edges or nails, or pins protruding underneath. Wooden carrom men should be well made, smooth to feel, and perfectly round. All carrom men should be the same size, which can be checked by arranging them vertically. The color of each disc should be solid and the paint should not flow.

Strikers should be perfectly round and smooth, with no visible bulges or “manufacturing lines” underneath. It is advisable to purchase separate strikers for each player, rather than handing the same striker over to the players. Standard boric carrom powder should be used before each match to reduce friction and improve gameplay.