How Much Does a Bryston Amplifier Cost?

When it comes to getting an amplifier, the cost is a big factor. There are a lot of different options out there, and each one comes with its own set of features and price tags. Here's a rundown of some of the more popular integrated amplifiers on the market, and how much they cost:

The Bryston BFX-60 is a popular choice for home theater enthusiasts. It comes with 60 watts of power and two channels, making it perfect for smaller rooms. The amplifier costs around $1,000. You can also buy BRYSTON BHA-1 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER online.

The Bryston C-60 is a more expensive option, but it offers users several advantages over other integrated amplifiers. For one, it has a higher wattage capacity of 100 watts. Additionally, the C-60 has six channels and supports Burr-Brown digital audio decoding technology.

Its price tag ranges from $2,600 to $3,800. Earlier this year, Kenwood introduced the DEH-P8020 Integrated Amp as a part of their new Tunespeakers line. This receiver is perfect for small home theaters and comes complete with 80 watts of power and four channels.

It retails for $8,000.In terms of pricing, the Yamaha RX-V800 is an expensive option—even more so than some higher-end receivers from brands like Denon, Marantz and Onkyo. The RX-V800 has 100 watts per channel and is approved by THX Cinema when used in conjunction with its TRIMAX-100 digital processor. It costs around $6,300.