A Quick Guide to Cooker Extractor Fans

The cooker extractor fan, also known as a cooker hood, is a mechanism designed to pull up fumes, pollutants, and airborne grease to keep your home's air clean and healthy. This is especially crucial in confined rooms and small dwellings because breathing filthy air and vapors is unhealthy.

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Most of the time, these machines are positioned immediately on top of your oven to more efficiently draw filthy air from the source. They have internal filters that allow them to provide optimum kitchen ventilation while also recirculating cleaner air around your home.

The most common type of cooker extractor fan employs ductwork to pull filthy air from within the home and expel it to the outside. This is the favored model type since it is the most effective at fully eliminating air. 

There is another alternative for kitchen ventilation that does not require ducts and instead uses a filter to clean the stale air and then recirculate it throughout the property. This is not as efficient as the ducted type, however, due to budget or space limits, some people may have to settle for it.

Some people may have an issue with their kitchen space being too tiny to install a full cooker hood, in which case an island kind of cooker extractor fan might be employed. It is usually placed in the center of the room. Because it is difficult to attach this type to ductwork, charcoal filters are often used. There are some, though, that include a chimney that can suck stale air outside.