How To Find Teaching Resources For Your Classroom

New teachers may find it daunting to start teaching in a classroom. It can also be difficult to schedule lessons ahead of time. 

Many companies offer online resources that help teachers to spend less time planning and more time teaching. These include worksheets, quizzes and games, lesson plans, and PowerPoint presentations. They are designed around specific subject areas and perfectly match the curriculum. You can also find online teaching resources through

You can quickly find ready-made, simple-to-use, and easy-to-download assembly plans that cover many areas of the curriculum online. The web-based teaching packages are great for classes of 25-30 students who need 30 copies of a worksheet, revision paper, or another document. 

The majority of high-quality online resources are available in PDFs (Portable Document Format), which can be used on any computer. Black and white copies are sufficient if you only need to print out multiple sheets of questions. Full-color laser printing is more costly so keep color copies for special projects.

Many NQTs start their first teaching position in September. This is when new school terms start. There is little time to get to know their new schools and pupils or learn from experienced teachers. It's a great place to start. 

Once you have found and saved a variety of quality websites with relevant resources for your age group, you can refer back to them often. You can find many great online resources to help you get started in teaching. You can download many useful and time-saving materials from education websites.