How to Make Custom Instagram Stickers for Stories

We all are avid Instagram story users as well then we must have used the Instagram sticker at least once. Instagram has a good collection of stickers like hashtags, mentions, pools, locations, etc. while the rest of them are interactive. 

There is also quite a wide and innovative range of custom Instagram stickers, there are also stickers which are made on some preferences and preferences too. Unfortunately, Instagram gives no direct way of creating custom Instagram stickers. There are also workarounds to achieve it. However, there are two ways to get there using the app or without using it. You can also know about custom Instagram stickers via  online.

Steps to create customized stickers: 

  • Download any sticker app on your device. 
  • Once installed, open any sticker app. Then tap on the create sticker button. You can also choose from the recommended stickers.
  • On the next screen, enter the screen text. 
  • While you cannot change the font of the sticker tap on the icon before the sticker text to change its symbol. alternatively, you can tap on the three-dot icon to get a list of the available symbols. Then choose the required symbol from the available options.
  • On being satisfied with your sticker, tap to create a sticker button.
  • Now if you wanna choose a photo from your gallery, which you wanna add up to the sticker.
  • If you have selected the right image, tap on add the Instagram story. Alternatively, if you wanna select the image tap on the switch image and select the new image.
  • You will be taken on the current Instagram story screen with a newly created Snapchat screen with a newly created sticker on the top of the image that you selected on the previous step. 

Sadly this method does not allow you to add multiple stickers. Meanwhile, there are various steps to enhance your stories. You can create color-blocked stories, add Instagram posts to stories. 

Create Custom Instagram Filters For your Brand

Custom Instagram Filters are the superimposes virtual effects which you can add to your Instagram Stories. These filters are sometimes cute, sometimes funny that you can add to your photos and videos via Instagram Stories.

Nowadays, creating your own custom Instagram Filters for Stories is the best way of growth because in order to access the filter you’ll need to either follow the brand on Instagram or visit their profile to try it out. You can also know more about custom Instagram filters via .

Custom Instagram filters are computer-generated effects layered over the real-life image your camera displays. In Instagram Stories, an AR filter alters the image your front or back camera displays.

These are Some Custom Instagram Filters which Brand uses:

Rhanna’s Diamond Headpiece AR Filter: This filter is created by Rihana and helps you to shine bright like a diamond in your selfies! So, this is an example of how you don’t have to promote a physical product with an AR filter. 

Off-White’s Sunglasses & Quotes AR Filter: So, this custom Instagram Filter allowing users to “try on” sunglasses from the brand’s collection, as well as adding other effects, like Off-White’s famous branded quotation marks.

Mickey and Minnie AR Filter:  So, by tapping on the lens, this filter allows you to add Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse ears to your photo or video.