What Are the Benefits of Using Wood Pallets?

Choosing the best material for your pallets is an important decision for your business and there are many factors to consider. As a company, your main concern is ensuring the safety of your products. This means that your packaging materials must be strong and durable. However, cost, reliability and environmental impact in general are also important elements.

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Wooden pallets are the best choice for your business. Only use the highest quality material. Compared to plastic pallets, wooden pallets offer many advantages including being more environmentally friendly, stronger and more durable, and cheaper.

Compared to other packaging materials, wooden pallets are recyclable and biodegradable. Some people dispute this fact because wood is needed to make wooden pallets and boxes. However, the tree growth ratio to spacing has increased dramatically over the past 50 years and the new ratio is actually 2 to 1. For every tree cut, 2 new trees are planted!

Second, wood production uses the least amount of energy compared to other building materials. Less greenhouse gases are generated in wood production.

Finally, wood production life cycle assessments are believed to have less impact on the environment from cradle to grave than other packaging materials. This assessment takes into account the entire process, including the extraction, production, distribution, reuse, repair, disposal and recycling processes.