Growth of Indian Mobile App Industry

As mobile device usage grows, India's mobile application industry has seen continued growth. India is currently the second-largest mobile phone user in the world, with over nine hundred million users. You can get more information about music challenge app at

The country will have approximately four hundred million smartphone users by 2016, which is roughly ten percent of the global supply. This boom is due to increased 3G availability, quarterly price drops, and lower carrier fees. Indians are increasingly switching to smartphones over their PCs.

This rapid rise in smartphone and mobile usage in India is a sign that India's app market has exploded and will continue growing in the future. Indians download over 150 million apps every month. 

These apps offer a variety of services such as music, health, productivity improvement, deals, and localized information. They also provide banking and eCommerce services. 

Android smartphones hold more than 90% of the Indian mobile market. 150 million apps are downloaded each month from Google Play. Apple, however, controls around eight percent of the market with twelve million apps downloaded each month from the Apple App Store.

Apple may only control a small portion of the market but it charges approximately 10% for its apps. Compared to this, Android apps cost less than 1%.  Although the Indian mobile app market is likely to face some significant challenges in the future it could also present opportunities for new entrants.