How Does Dental Implant Works?

 Since dental implants are a surgical method of repairing artificial roots in the jawbone, they are performed in a dental clinic under local anesthesia. The gums are then attached to the implant, which remains closed until they are attached to the bone.

The dentist then opens the implant and then puts an extension on the implant. In some implants, the implant and extension is one unit that is placed in the mouth during the first operation.

Finally, the dentist makes a denture or crown and attaches it to the implant extension. To fulfill your needs you can also contact Middleboro dentist & Middleboro family dentist & book appointment.

How long will the entire procedure take?

The dental implant process can take up to nine months. The time required varies for each patient because each patient has different healing abilities.

After the implants and extensions are surgically placed, the healing process can take up to six to seven months and placement of the replacement teeth can take no more than two months.

And if the patient has good bone quality, extensions and replacement teeth can be installed in just one visit.

How to care for implants?

When you have completed dental implantation to increase the longevity of the structure, you need to take good care of it by flossing and brushing the utensils at least twice a day.

Additionally, follow your dentist's specific instructions for caring for your implants.