Dog Boarding and Pet Sitting

Many dog owners are choosing private home dog boarding for their pets as an alternative to kennel boarding. This puts their pets in an environment they’re most used to and greatly reduces the exposure to contagious diseases.

This article informs the pet owner on what to expect and look for when choosing a private home for your pet boarding experience.

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dog boarding

When answering an ad for home dog boarding you should set up an appointment for you and your dog to meet the homeowner. You should also ask for at least three clients to call and get recommendations from. If they can’t provide them don’t consider that home. If they won’t let you inspect their house with your dog, don’t consider them.

When you get to their house, if you and your dog are greeted at the door by several dogs and the homeowner, don’t consider them. It’s a strong indication they are inexperienced and don’t know how to care for multiple dogs in an open environment. There’s more to pet sitting in an open environment than meets the eye.

If there is more than one dog in the home your dog should be introduced to each dog one at the time to give him a chance to acclimate himself and not get swarmed on by a group of dogs.

When entering the home your dog should be on leash so you can control him and allow him to smell around and say hello to the homeowner when he’s ready. Remember he’s a part of the decision making process. After the initial excitement and introductions, if everyone seems to be getting along the homeowner should invite you to take your dog’s leash off.