Sunless Face Tanner – The Right Way to Use It

Some people are wary of using sunless face tanner. This is due to the horror stories about orange streaks that usually appear on the fine lines of the face.

However, most issues or problems attributed to face tanners are caused by improper application. As a product, a self tanner for your face is the right solution to make your skin look lovelier. The key is to apply it correctly in order to avoid problems.

Crucial Steps for Gradual Face Tan

Exfoliating your face is one of the first things that you have to do when applying a self tanner. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and dirt. It allows you to apply the tanner evenly across your face.

After exfoliating, dry your face thoroughly with a soft towel. Then, you have to apply a skin moisturizer in order to get the best results from the tanner. Make sure to apply moisturizer on the fine lines of your face. This will prevent the tanner from accumulating in those areas. Let the moisturizer soak your face for ten minutes.

Before applying the face tanner, make sure that the skin is completely dry. This allows for even application and will prevent smudges and mishaps.

Choosing the Best Sunless Face Tanner

A face tanning lotion is your best bet because it is easier and safer to apply. You will be able to apply it evenly across your face. Some face tanners come with applicators. Choose these types of products in order to further simplify the application procedures.

You must choose a tanner that matches your skin tone. If you burn easily, a tanner with lighter shade would be perfect. This is also ideal if you have fair complexion. Medium and dark shade tanners would be best for those with darker skin tones.