Choosing Seafood – Nutrition Vs Sustainability

Fish and other seafood are often fantastic sources of nutrition. Many species are high in protein and some even supply a relatively high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids.

Unfortunately, oceans and fisheries we face a global crisis that may prevent future generations from enjoying and benefiting from fish and seafood. Have a peek at this web-site if you want to know about frozen food supplier. One can make online related to the same. 

Overfishing and poor fisheries management practices destroy fish populations and heavily polluting waterways.

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If we continue the way we are today, a lot of favorite seafood items we will only become available.

Overfishing is a somewhat complicated subject, because of the complexity of interactions among different species in an ecosystem, the various influences on population growth rates, and various types of fish and methods of cultivation.

However, there are some important principles of clear and easily understood, even by those who are not in the fishing industry.

It is also important to understand why some species are more vulnerable to overfishing than others.

fishing methods such as deep-sea trawling is particularly harmful to sensitive species because they can be very efficient in capturing these deep dwellers and able to operate for long periods of time.