All About Afternoon Tea and High Tea

The unique and joyful celebration of afternoon tea is often misinterpreted by a lot of people to be similar to high tea, however, both ceremonies are distinct and originate from various sources and should be regarded to be so by all.

The afternoon tea and high tea ceremonies are not the same thing and have come from totally different sources. You can also order Afternoon Tea through FineDiner to make your day special.

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The article below will explore variations between the tea ceremony for the afternoon and the ceremony of high tea will be explained with respect to each ceremony’s origin traditions, customs, time of the event, and their main purpose.

The tea was served with a variety of butter and bread so as to keep up for a while until the dinner menu was ready. This lunchtime meal nourished the Duchess and her prestigious group of female friends for the next few hours until after sunset, at which point their next meal would be served.

The afternoon tea tradition has grown to include a variety of foods like baked goods, scones, and snacks, but only the timing of the ceremony continues to be in any case, remained in a similar way.

It’s time for High Tea

The term “high tea” is often used as an event to the tea ceremony in the afternoon. Some may have viewed the high tea ceremony as more appropriate, however, this ceremony is actually the one that was fought for and created by the less common folk of the 19th century in England instead of the more prestigious afternoon tea rituals.