Students Share Their Reaction To Japanese Singer Hikaru Utadas New Album

Japanese songwriter and singer Hikaru Utada made their album titled BAD MODE and released it first in 2018. Being one of the best-selling Japanese artists and known in America for her vocal contributions to popular video game soundtracks, Memphis students shared their memories of the superstar with the Daily Helmsman.

Hikaru, in America, is best known for lending its voice to the PlayStation video game franchise, Kingdom Hearts. You can get the more information regarding Hikaru Utada through

Since the game has been released in 2002, Hikaru has actually contributed songs and multiple remixes for the franchise’s soundtrack for nearly twenty years. Memphis students actually recalled their initial or first-time memories of hearing the singer’s voice.

Japanese major Najamel Silver said that Hikaru's voice was more compelling when he first played the game Kingdom Hearts than the game itself.

Hikaru has actually composed 3 theme songs for the Kingdom Hearts franchise, with the very 1st single being released in 2002, titled Simple and Clean. Clean and straightforward holds the Guinness world record for the best-selling video game single in Japan.

Silver said he has not listened to Hikaru’s album BAD MODE yet, but he is excited about Hikaru’s new musical direction.

“It is actually always delightful to see one of your favorite artist's comeback,” he said. ”I am sure after all of this, they have been through after the past 2 years; this album will be great. Utada has been experimenting a lot lately, so I am interested in seeing where they will take their sound this time.”