Outdoor Speaker Installation and Placement

Outdoor speakers can add a whole new level of enjoyment to your sound system. There's nothing better than listening to your favorite music while you're outside, relaxing in the yard, by the pool, or working in the garden. Choosing the right outdoor speakers and placing them in the best location is key to getting the best listening experience outside of your home.

Most likely, your outdoor space is an open space, which means there is background noise to deal with and you need to take the elements into account. These factors pose unique challenges for external speaker installation, but fortunately, all of these barriers can be overcome with little information.

First, you should evaluate the room you are working in to determine how many speakers you need. You don't want to have to turn up the volume to potentially annoy guests in that part of your yard just so those playing in the pool can hear the music.

When determining how many speakers you need, you should evaluate the placement of each speaker. Under a roof or near a wall in your home or garage, this is ideal as it can protect the speakers from the elements and push the sound out. 

Aesthetics also play a role in determining the location. You may only need to place the speakers outdoors, in which case consider a model with a cover that looks like a rock or pot. Also, attaching the speakers directly to an aluminum or cedar panel usually doesn't work very well as those surfaces may not be strong enough.