What Are The Different Types Of Home Inspections?

There are a few different types of home inspections that can be conducted on homes. A walk-through inspection is the most common type, but there are also Structural, Electrical, Radon, and Water Inspections.  When you are buying a property, it is important to have a home inspection service to ensure that everything is in good condition.

  • A walk-through inspection is the most common type and typically covers all areas of the house including the roof, attic, basement, and exterior. They will also look for any major defects or problems that may need to be fixed. 

  • Structural inspections look at how well the house was built and can identify any potential problems like weak beams or framing. 

  • Electrical inspections check for any wiring issues, moisture accumulation in outlets, and whether there is proper insulation on walls and ceilings. 

  • Water inspections look for major problems with plumbing, drainage systems, and septic tanks. 

  • Pest inspections look for any pests that may be present and can provide a professional recommendation on the best treatment. 

  • Plumbing and Water Inspections are used to check for any moisture such as in bathtubs, sinks, or floors that could lead to mold or other water related problems. 

  • Air quality inspections look at levels of carbon monoxide and methane gas and can provide information about how well your heating system is working. 

  • Damage Assessment Whether it’s from water, fire or other weather related causes, expensive damage repair may be needed when you move into your new home after someone has died or passed away.