The Concept Of Information And Communications Technology ICT

Information and communications technology is essentially an extension of information technology (IT). ICT as a whole emphasizes unified communications and integration of computers, telecommunications, enterprise applications, audio-visual systems.

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ICT means the convergence of phone and audio-visual networks with computer networks. This is achieved via a single-link system. Merging the phone network with the computer network system offers many economic incentives concerning cost savings, as a consequence that there is increasing importance on the need for ICT Consultants.

Experts in Offshore Software Development Services that are into providing consultancy are of the view that’s continually evolving in its concept, method, and program, and hence there can’t be a universal definition of ICT.

ICT as a whole covers any item that could store information or may retrieve, transmit, manipulate, or get information. This may be done digitally by using computers, laptops, television, email, robots, etc..

Importance of ICT in education

With the greater use of the web, computers,s and mobile devices, there’s a need for computers in contemporary classrooms.

Schools can opt for ICT outsourcing, where the students can be given access to learning and education whether the teachers could be given access to quality instruction on teachings, such as professional development and more efficient management, governance, and management of education through ICT.