How to Wear Dress Shirts With Pattern Fabrics

Men find they can mix and match their dresses to create a wide range of color options for both business suits and causal needs. While a solid color dress will easily fit into any occasion, you should be careful when pairing your favorite suit or pants with dresses and shirts.

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Wear a patterned shirt with solid colored trousers and you will emerge victorious. Instead of combining a dominant shirt model with matching patterned pants, mix it with plain pants so that the shirt appears on the center stage.

Men's Shirts with patterned fabrics can be worn by people who wish to mend their common suits and clothes. With a colorful shirt, you can instantly add interest and a little spice to your wardrobe.

A striped shirt can be worn with a deep black or dark business suit. These results in a playful change of appearance achieved with a plain white shirt. Bold or narrow stripes add fashion appeal and flair, although you may want to stick with narrow stripes if your office is still a little conservative about dress code.

Try on a striped shirt when wearing your best blazer and pants. Leaving the collar unbuttoned will create a casual and elegant look and can be worn at country clubs, restaurants, or at informal parties. You will find that many of these attractive models are sold at well-known men's clothing stores. Cho

You can wear a dress that is plaid or plaid in a variety of ways, including with an open collar, and still achieve the finished look.