Mistakes You Can Avoid By Using Military Surplus For Winter Hunting Trip

If you use a cabin for hunting during harsh winters, it is necessary to have knowledge of the cold weather and essential equipment. You can help yourself by using military surplus, but you still will need to know the score. Some mistakes you can make could be expensive.

Do not start your trip without obtaining cold weather clothes for winter survival. You are able to choose field jackets, parka, Gore-Tex cloth items, or thermal underwear. Check that military surplus clothes fit you well before leaving for the hunting trip.

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Never abandon the cabin without providing packets, just in case of an unexpected snowstorm. They are lightweight and easy to carry. You'll nourish yourself with convenient food. You'll also improve your body temperature since you'll burn energy.

Don't leave your hunting knife when you aren't using it. Hypothermia has been demonstrated to increase blood loss. If you cut yourself, especially in this poor manner, you will pay the purchase price through excessive blood loss.

When you have a second carrying device, avoid the gear sticking in your pocket. A utility or tool belt works well for storing everything in a single central location. Afterward, when you bend you should not worry about losing the flashlight or departing your binoculars.

If you have to await a storm, do not ever grab with no kind of cover. A simple military surplus crisis survival sleeping bag will help keep you dry and warm. These bags come in small lightweight packages, which are half the size of a football.

Be careful to not run out of water. The important thing to remember is that even in an icy landscape, you may not have potable water. Even in the event that you want to melt ice for water, then you will need a container for this.

Avoid moving on the trail without some kind of medical supplies. Learn how to use it before going out. It's hard to work with unfamiliar supplies whenever you are staggering from the cold.