Leaving Cert Grinds Classes

When you receive private tuition or grinds, make sure you and the tutor sit down to create a lesson plan that will last a set amount of time. A lesson plan will help the student focus and make the most of the lessons. This plan should be tailored to the needs of students.

It is not a good idea to send someone home from school in a rush. They will be distracted and unable to concentrate. Make sure they have had a meal before they start class and have rested for at least 15. You can also look for the leaving cert grinds via Ashfield College in Dundrum according to your need.


Listening to the grinds teacher in a lesson is not enough. The student should be given practice questions from the tutor to review the material. This will allow the student to consolidate the knowledge and prepare for the June exams.

Take action quickly to address problems with grades in your teens. With only two months until the leaving certificate starts, it may be too late for you to worry about the grinds of April. It is best to recognize problems early and begin weighing your options in September.

The student should be motivated to learn and not need to be yelled at every day to get to work. Their progress will depend on their ability to motivate themselves. Although it can be hard to instill motivation, it is possible. 

You can use financial incentives such as extra pocket money to motivate people. Extra pocket money can be a good financial incentive. For more tips, see our article "motivate your children".

Create a space where grinding classes can be held in a calm and private environment. Make sure there is enough paper, pens, and copies. So that you don't waste your valuable time in grinds class.