Guardrail System & Fall Protection

Guardrail system is a basic fall protection system. Housing rails and handrails are not only used at construction sites, but are also important and are placed on roads, ponds and stairs. On the side of the pond and road, they act as a barrier between the lane, the location of the roadside and the driver.

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If the driver moves in the wrong direction on the road or the road conditions are bad, the damage can be mild as long as the road is equipped with an appropriate protection system. At construction sites, these fences and handrails protect workers who fall from extreme heights.

This safety equipment is also installed in shopping centers. Many buildings are labeled and even in homes. They protect children from falling at home.

There are two types of fences: external and internal. They are used outdoors on highways, roads, swimming pools, spectacular buildings and shopping centers. Indoors, they are mainly used for household purposes.

Inside and outside are available in various materials. Steel and iron are also used to make these gears. Iron fence is mainly used on roads, highways and swimming pools.

Before installing the safety rails, the right material and the right place for installation must be chosen. Steel, aluminum or wood fences are used in residential buildings. Because there are no more dangers in the house, all the ingredients are suitable. You can choose one of them according to your needs and budget. Most of the time, steel is the best choice for people.