Which Permanent Hair Removal System is Right For You?

Many people want permanent hair removal for many reasons. Regardless of whether their aesthetic appearance calls for specific hair removal, their bikini-style choices prompt them to remove hair that should be embarrassing or simply to remove hair that's very heavy on their body parts.

There are several permanent hair removals and extraction systems that exist in the modern world, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Familiarity with this system allows those wishing to remove hair to choose the method that best suits their needs, individual models for hair growth and budget. You can get details on the best suited permanent hair removal via https://strip.com.hk/laser/. We will discuss the Electrolysis method in this article.

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Electrolysis was the first permanent hair removal system developed and remains one of the main techniques for removing unwanted hair. A thin metal probe is pushed into the individual hair follicle and then electrified, the follicle is chemically scorched or dies. If done properly, the skin won't actually prickle, but improper handling can cause the probe to leak. 

The main advantages of electrolysis are that they are equally effective for all hair colours and thicknesses, as well as for all skin tones and that the individual procedure is relatively cheap, which means that the costs spread over time. 

The drawback is that it is a little painful and since hairs are literally killed one by one it can be a very tedious process, often two to four years, and therefore the total cost can be higher than the total cost of laser treatment …