How Physiotherapy Can Prevent Running Injuries

Anyone unfortunate enough to sustain an injury from running will be aware of how painful it is to find out you're unable to run but consider how much time, money, and effort is required to find the correct treatment for the issue.

Typically, physiotherapy is thought of as reactive, which is to say, you need to seek help when a problem arises; however, the work of a physiotherapist is also the prevention of injuries.

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There are numerous variables that can influence the creation of a running injury. Training load, footwear, and surface for training, strength previously injured, and flexibility is just a few, but not necessarily all, of the variables to take into consideration. Physiotherapists are specialists in human anatomy. 

They are experts in how the joints, muscles, and ligaments of the bodywork together to create movements. They can make use of this knowledge to study your movements and look at the external variables that influence movement, to spot possible issues before they cause injuries.

We regularly service and test our vehicles to avoid a breakdown, so why not take the same approach for ourselves?

In a very basic way, the human body's mechanical movements can be compared with the engine of a car. If one component isn't functioning properly, it won't take long before it impacts other components of the engine, and eventually, the engine will fail and the same happens with our bodies.

A physiotherapist can assess your flexibility, strength, and core stability to find any weakness that might cause an issue. They'll then guide you on the most effective solution.