All You Need to know About Pool Tile

Do you own a swimming pool? Every time you look at it, do you wish you could do something that would make your pool look much more elegant? Well, that wish can be a reality with the simple use of pool tile. Whether it be in your pool or around it, pool tile is sure to make your swimming pool the talk of the neighborhood.

So what exactly is pool tile? Well, pool tile is used by many commercial swimming pools as an added layer over your liner that helps to prevent leaks in your pool. So rather than simply being an aesthetic eye-catcher, they actually serve a purpose that can add years of life to your pool.

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Pool tile is usually made out of plaster or linoleum, lightweight and relatively cheap materials that are widely available. These are suitable materials, as they require minimal maintenance and cleaning.

Of course, there are other kinds of tiles to choose from both in your pool and around your pool. An alternative to the linoleum and plaster look is stone. Stone tiles give your pool an earthier, natural look and feel, and those who use stone pool tile swear on it as the premiere pool tile in appearance and functionality.

Another alternative to plaster, linoleum, and even stone, is glass. Glass tiles have been used for many years both in and out of the swimming pool. Many bars use glass tiles in their windows, as do other businesses. In fact, some people even use glass tiles for their showers.

The reason for this lies in their sturdy construction that can last a lifetime. Many glass tiles, which are more like blocks than tiles, are upwards of four inches thick.