Keep Up With Leads in QuickBooks

The Lead Center came out in the 2012 version of QuickBooks. While quite basic, it's certainly better than trying to maintain it all in your mind or on a sheet of paper or notebook. If it's not already in your toolbar, click Customers>Query Center and you must need to top quickbooks online bookkeeping software via .

What I like about is:

• Leads do not affect your "Names" total. If you're in Pro or Premier, there is a maximum number of names you can have in your system (14,500). Names include Customers, Vendors, Employees and Other names. In case you have lots of leads, but they don't always convert, that is nice to know.

• You can have several contacts, multiple places, as well as a range of fields.

• You can speed your lead as hot, cold, or warm

• You are able to make leads inactive if the price doesn't go through.

• Like the other centers, you will find pertinent tabs. So you can readily get to various places, consequently, create “to-do's" and you can have lots of notes.

• If you have leads in a spreadsheet, it is easy to copy and copy the contact information into       QuickBooks so you don't have to duplicate work you already did.

• What I also like is that with a click of a button, you can convert your lead to a client.