The Skylight Installation Process

Skylights allow natural light enters an area through the ceiling. Homeowners installed to reduce electricity costs and illuminate without harsh lighting.

Basic types of skylights that frame-in-place and mounted the pavement. Curb-mounted skylights roadside rest on top of the roof. Installation of skylights is actually easier than installing a window. If you want to know about skylight installment then make an online search.

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The initial steps in the installation process Skylight

Framing rough opening is the first step in installing the ceiling. A skylight framing assembly features three sections and sidewalks framed required for ceiling-mounted edge.

The header is used to frame the roof opening and the opening of the ceiling is framed in the same way. Framing connecting the ceiling and roof openings called light shaft. 

Framing process involves several steps which include the measurement of a 2×6 header to the roof and ceiling openings and 2×4 header for a shaft of light. Holes must be drilled through the roof to mark the location of the framing, with installation taking place both inside and outside the home. How framed opening depends on the position and the size of the sky.

Installing skylights and Build Aperture

Installing a skylight framed-in-place involves mounting L-brackets on the side of the sky.