Steps For Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater is a fairly easy task. You can also do this task yourself if you feel comfortable with DIY procedures. Here are a few steps for the water heater installation in Surrey.

Water heater installation in Surrey: easy step

1. Turn off the water connection

You must turn off the water connection before you start with the installation procedure. This can be done by turning off the valve on the waterline, which leads to a water heater. Make sure you turn off the gas can also turn off the knob. The knob must be perpendicular to the line. Connect the old heating if electricity. You can find best water heater installation in Surrey from various online sources.

2. Connect the hose

The next step is to connect the hose to the exhaust valve, located near the bottom of the heater. Place the hose near the outside location. Let the water flow out by opening the disposal valve.

3. Open the water inlet

You then have to open the water inlet and install of water flow. It is located at the top of the heater. You must use a pipe fitting key for this task. Likewise, open the right for the gas channel too.

4. Dispose of old heaters

Remove the old heating and dispose of it according to the rules and regulations in your area. Install a new heater in a long place and the level correctly. Make sure all controls and can be accessed.

5. Water outlet screw and incoming channel

Screws at the outlet and incoming channel lines. Use the right key in this task. Open the water channel and fill the tank completely.

6. Connect the gas channel

Connect the gas channel to the tank using the right key. If you use an electric heater, then turn on the electricity. You can also search for services from an expert if you are a beginner at this task.