Benefits of Using a Winter Retractable Pool Roof

Swimming is one of the most popular sports or activities for many people. For some who care about their health, it serves as a sport, for some who just enjoy spending time outdoors, it has been used for entertainment in the past. Some hosts have chosen to install a pool in their backyard so they can spend the weekend with their families.

You can opt for retractable swimming pool roof systems for indoor & outdoor pools.

To prevent the pool from freezing, you will also need to add antifreeze to the water. After all the winter work, it is important to cover your pool with a winter cover.

Save time and effort.

Installing a retractable pool roof saves time and energy when cleaning your pool. The pool cover prevents the entry of stubborn dirt such as twigs, dry leaves, and small insects, keeping the water clean and clear. It requires less time and effort to clean up next season. 

Reduce energy consumption.

Keeping your pool covered, prevents dirt from entering and keeps it clean. In this case, you don’t need to use an automatic pool cleaner to clean the water because the pool cover does it for you. Also, using a pool roof eliminates the use of pool heaters if you decide to swim in the pool this winter. 

Maintains high water temperature.

Using a retractable pool roof above ground, especially a sun cover, is very useful for maintaining the temperature of the hot water. The solar coating is made of durable vinyl with added UV protection.