Popular Methods Of Teeth Whitening

The years of drinking tea, red wine, and coffee, as well as smoking cigarettes, can cause staining in your smile. Teeth whitening helps remove the stains on your teeth and makes your teeth appear cleaner and more radiant. A white, beautiful smile will help you appear and feel attractive. This article looks at some of the most commonly used kinds for teeth whitening.

Custom Tray Whitening

Custom tray whitening requires the use of a tray that you must use frequently at home. Dentists are able to recommend a higher concentration of whitening gel. It can improve the whiteness of your teeth by as much as 6 shades. You can also look online for various dental clinics for the treatment.

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In-Surgery Laser Whitening

In surgical procedures, it is common to use whitening procedures due to their immediate result. An ointment is utilized to shield gums and mouth, and the dentist then applies an intense peroxide gel on the teeth. This kind of whitening has the capacity to lighten the teeth up to six shades.

Whitening Strips

Whitening strips are coated with a special whitening gel. The strips are placed on your top and bottom teeth and keep them there for a specific period of time. They will generally lighten your teeth up to four shades over time.

To get your teeth white, you'll require dentists who specialize in the process of whitening teeth. You can locate them by searching online.

Teeth Whitening For Your Bright Smile

Teeth whitening is the most requested service in the beauty market yet there remains a large volume of uncertainty about the topic. There are many companies of teeth whitening like ismile(it is also called hammaste valgendamine nagu ismile in the Estonian language) thats very profitable, and thus a highly competitive industry; which is likely the reason why they have such a hard time sifting through all the information, or misinformation, on the Internet.

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This post is supposed to give a review of tooth whitening, how to do, what must be considered when evaluating goods and services, and help you make a decision if teeth whitening is for you. Or rather, what kind of teeth whitening suits you the best.

Type gel

There are basically two types of whitening gel that are used in the United States. Hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide gel tooth whitening gel. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient; namely hydrogen peroxide is which whiten your teeth. Carbamide peroxide breaks down into hydrogen peroxide must be before it can bleach your teeth. 36% carbamide peroxide is roughly equivalent to 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Method of application

Techniques to apply the gel on the teeth can vary from having to paint it on yourself when you’re sitting in the chair to having a tray that holds custom-fitted to your teeth gel. If you are having skilled chairside whitening, always be sure to ask which applies gel and how they will implement it. Remember, only a dentist can put something in your mouth or teeth.