Why to use Pallets?

Are you moving one box at a time, or up to a hundred boxes? Pallets, along with barcodes, are widely recognized as one of the two greatest innovations of the 20th century.

Although the use of pallets in conjunction with material palletizing was previously considered an essential part of a material handling strategy, the practice is largely taken for granted in the industry today. Look for the premium pallets manufacturer & supplies Sydney-wide.

What is palletization?

Palletization refers to the process of packing goods or materials, packaged or in bulk, onto pallets. Pallets form the basis for goods and materials, thereby promoting efficient storage, handling, and transportation of the combination of goods and pallet bases, collectively referred to as a single load.

Using pallets as the basis for individual loads offers a number of advantages over non-palletized processing, which is the result of more efficient handling of goods. They include:

Faster unloading and loading, resulting in faster vehicle turnover and greater efficiency in transportation equipment

The workload is drastically reduced compared to manual handling

Reduces the risk of misuse of temperature for perishable products in an uncooled dock

Lower risk of product damage

Reducing the risk of injury to workers

More efficient material handling and storage.

Standard size pallets can streamline work on pallet racks and other storage solutions.